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We provide helpful insights for best online casino guides sites such as Casino Guides Online | How to play Roulette | Bonuses Review site that need information about credit card processing and merchant accounts for online casino industry. If you do not find the answer to your question, please let us know what you need and we will assist you to the best of our ability. We exist to serve and educate merchants. We can also provide a free analysis of a merchants current processing account. We have partnered with North American Bancard. The video below provides an overview of what we offer.

Credit Card Industry for Online Casino Guides sites like

The credit card industry can be very confusing for online casino merchant. However, it does not take long to get a good understanding of how everything works.

Interchange Fees
One of the most challenging aspects of the industry is understanding the fees. Visa and MasterCard have over 400 fees that they charge depending on the type of credit card that is processed. Processing companies have to account for this as they charge those fees to the merchant. This can easily create confusion for everyone involved.

Processing Agents for Online casinos
How does this affect the sales process in the credit card industry? One problem is that some agents who seek to make sales to merchants may not totally understand what they are trying to sell. They may be setting up a business with a cost structure that is not what is needed. There are also agents who will take advantage of merchants who do not understand how the industry works. There is a lack of education in the industry and at times even the intent to mislead merchants and business owners.

Typically the most cost-effective structures for online casino merchants would be either tiered pricing or interchange plus pricing. There are other options, but these two are the best and the most common.

Tiered Pricing for Online Roulette sites such as Casino

Tiered Pricing for a Merchant Services Account

Tier pricing breaks down the 400 different interchange fees that MasterCard and Visa charge into a more understandable setup for those who are interested in a merchant services account. Processors take these interchange fees and break them down into 3 or 4 tiers or pricing structures.

Pricing Structure
This is how tiered pricing is typically structured:

  • Qualified Rate
  • Mid-Qualified Rate
  • Non-Qualified rate
  • Debit/Check Card Rate

This structure accounts for the 400 different fees that Visa and MasterCard charge. This makes it a little bit easier for the merchant to understand what the charges will be. These rates include the actual fees from the credit card company and the markup that is charged by the processor.

Recent Changes
In the past a merchant would only be offered  a qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified rate for tiered pricing. However, the Durbin Amendment regulated the rates that Visa and MasterCard can charge for debit and check cards. Many merchants have added a fourth tier for these transactions. For instance, a good qualified rate on tier pricing might be 1.6%, however a merchant can easily get a debit and check card rate of .55%. This is a huge savings, considering the fact that debit and check cards typically account for 60% of a merchants monthly volume. For a merchant services account that processes $10,000 a month, this rate of .55% represents a savings of over $1200 per year, when compared to the 1.6% qualified rate.

The current structure of tiered pricing provides the opportunity for great savings for each and every merchant. If you have not had your merchant services account reviewed within the last few months, please do so as soon as possible.